Rice in bowl
Rice in bowl
Rice in bowl with raw rice grain and dry rice plant
Rice Grains
Rice Grains
Uncooked white and brown rice grains
Healthy Living
Healthy Living
All types of rice variety for a healthy lifestyle

The Need for Food

The one sown seed for months by the farmer serves your body and helps your nutritional energy for years. This is what is the potential of food. It serves you not only to grow physically but also to be fit mentally. The food provides you the energy to work together with both your mind and soul and manifest that energy and vigour to the development of correct knowledge.

A healthy diet is considered to be the one which provides you with correct nutritional pattern, ranging from proteins to dietary fiber. The food plays the vital role and protects you from all your sufferings beginning from you being a student until you live. The nutritional value of food keeps you fit throughout.

Food not only fills your stomach but also replenishes your soul, you stay fit , protected during your journey of knowledge playing roles of both the teacher and student at different phases of living.It helps you to nourish your knowledge and keeps you awakened and enlightened as an individual during your journey of life and gives you essence of everything.

Intake of correct food is the best way to attain success in life and stay fit throughout. It guides you and moves you to be a healthy individual. As it has been rightly said that fuel to a healthy body is good food and when your body receives that good food you stay away from hostility and manifest your energy in positive directions.

AAA ( Adhidaivika, Adhubhavtika af Adhyatmika) not only provides you with the best quality Rice but also aims to provide you the best of the services.

Basmati Rice

AANAND AAA - well known for Basmati Rice

India is known to be the world’s biggest farmer and largest exporter of Basmati Rice, which is primarily grown through paddy field farming in Punjab, Dehradun and North India. AANAND AAA, a leading and reputable manufacturer of 'Basmati Rice', a rich and fine variety of long grain rice, grown in India, serves the best of grains. This exclusive FMCG has become a brand name in the trade of supplying basmati rice to modern trade, institutions, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, wholesalers and department stores across the country. The premium company has established its credibility as a leader in this competitive market. The product is universally famous for its sweet and wonderful aroma with a real and authentic flavour, a food connoisseur will savour its delicious taste. We caters to the mass market in India and abroad. We Deal in Sella & Steam Basmati Rice.

Why Choose Us

  • We ensure integrity and professionalism at all levels.
  • We prioritize commitment and dedication to serving in the best interests of our customers in terms of providing a competitive price, quality, fast delivery at all times.
  • We focus on building long- term relationships with our customers.
  • We believe in providing a diverse range of quality products and services to meet the International standards.
  • Periodical and systematic reviews of our business help our business activities to grow rapidly following the recent market trend and forces.
  • Transparency in our dealings defines our standard.
  • We fervently believe in Team Work.
  • We emphasize free flow of information and communication at all levels with our customers.
  • We are strongly committed to understanding and meeting the needs of our present and future customers.
  • Our sincere endeavour is to maintain planning and accountability by closely following systems and procedures.

Different varieties of Rice the company deals in

We pack our products as per the requirement of our customers including households in all sizes ranging from consumer to bulk packs

Swaad Mein Aanand, Khaane Mein Aanand